We are not a fight club.  We are not an MMA gym.  Our clients - men and women from all walks of life - come to us to learn practical street self-defense. Although the subject matter we address - life-threatening assaults - is serious, the training environment allows students to have fun while they learn.  If this sounds like the kind of training environment you are looking for, then please register for a free class.  You will leave class with a smile and a better state of mind.

If you decide to come in for a free class, please wear something comfortable - tshirt (tasteful, please), long workout pants, and sneakers.  We recommend having a mouth piece but highly recommend men wear a protective cup.  You might also consider hand wraps and/or grappling gloves given that much of our conditioning requires punching pads and heavy bags.Type your paragraph here.

Our instructors

Combined, the instructors at Elite Krav Maga have more than 50 years of experience in Krav Maga and self-defense training.  Chief instructors Chris Ray and Don Forbes are both fully certified, expert-level instructors.  Along with Will Medina (Director of Operations and Certified Instructor), Richard Morehouse (Certified Instructor), Chad Cox (Certified Instructor), and Andrea Blome (Associate Instructor), Elite Krav Maga teaches the latest and ever-evolving techniques in open hand self-defense, gun and knife disarms, multiple attacker scenarios, ground fighting, and rape prevention.

The instructors at Elite Krav Maga spend countless hours training, refining, and disseminating the most effective in street self-defense and combatives.