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a special note to women:

Krav Maga is the perfect solution in helping you be more confident.  We will train you to defend yourself against any kind of attack situation.  Don't believe us? Then listen to what this small but feisty news anchor has to say about her experience with Krav Maga.

Congrats to all the tough kravist who never quit during the intensive  level testing

school is in! 

it's time to learn real life, self-defense

‚Äčand time to get fit.  try it out in our

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Elite Krav Maga offers the very best in self-defense, personal safety and fitness in Central Florida.  Our goal is simple: Provide you with the skills so you can go home safe! Training at Elite Krav Maga will not only strengthen your body but also sharpen your confidence, engage your mind and transform your life.

Krav Maga ("contact combat" in Hebrew) is the official hand to hand fighting system of the Israeli Defense Force.  It is known for its simplicity to learn but brutal effectiveness.  Krav Maga is meant for the "average" woman or man to be able use in real world situations with extremely efficient counter attacks.


We welcome you to come in, watch or participate in a class at no charge.